Your Own Cape Cod Beach House

The recently published What’s Mine Is Yours offered the universal explanation for how I have come to think of Lis Sur Mer. Once the family aged out of all living together and I found myself single and middle-aged, I had a revelation. I was working 80+ hours a week in NYC to support my career and Lis Sur Mer, while at the same time only able to spend 2-3 weeks a year at Lis Sur Mer. I was keeping the place going, sitting there in all its humble splendor, waiting for me to show up. What a terrible waste of this incredible place.

I had been spending time in the depth of winter there with no creature comforts and knew from all my various visits that the Cape and Lis Sur Mer offered tremendously rewarding and yet totally different gifts, experienced each season of the year.

My revelation was that LSM should become a beach house for many. I then set to work turning Lis Sur Mer into a comfortable four-season escape. Now the opportunity exists for all to have a year-round beach house without the responsibility of actual ownership, at a fraction of the cost.

This revelation has been a win-win. The client gets an affordable, hassle-free beach house four seasons of the year. Lis Sur Mer is always there, fully tuned, when I need it and I get the benefit of feeling all the joy people get from my sharing it. This is what I want it to be for everyone, always there when they need it. This is good karma.

Several of our regular clients book multiple weeks a year experiencing each of the cottages uniqueness in different seasons. Many clients in the off-season will contact me a few weeks or days in advance when they want to get away. We are almost always able to accommodate a client in the off-season in one of the cottages.

It is so interesting to me to see that once you give up the idea that you have to legally own something and turn that in to conceptual ownership you are freed up on so many levels to truly enjoy the experience. So in the spirit of “what’s mine is yours,” I invite one and all to take ownership of your beach house and treat it as our own little secret.