House Rules


After checking availability on reservation page contact us.

Weekend Rentals & Mini Vacations

During our in-season period we have a one week minimum reservation. Reservations for less than a full week are available during the off-season. (Starting in November) Call for current availability. 4 night minimum vacation makes a perfect getaway to enjoy the Cape through all of our beautiful seasons! For last minute vacation plans, please call for availability.

Off-Season Monthly Rentals

The cottages are available during the off season for special monthly rates. Contact us for rates and availability.


Once your reservations have been confirmed by payment and you are unable to fulfill your obligation to occupy a rental unit, we must be notified in writing. All attempts will be made to re-rent the property but if we are unable to re-rent the unit, no money will be returned. If re-rented, Tenant’s rental payment will be refunded, less the $100 security deposit.

Transfer Policy

Should you need to change the week of your reservation after you have made your initial deposit, there is a $100.00 transfer fee that must accompany your request. Please remember, this transfer must be in the same cottage and will be accommodated if this is available. All requests should be made in writing to us or by email. All transfers must be made at least 90 days prior to occupancy in order to allow sufficient time to re-rent the original rental period.

Pet Policy

If you bring a pet to Lis Sur Mer you have a special responsibility. Each pet owner must keep their pet from intruding on the other cottages. Everyone believes that their dog is special: “he won’t bite you”, etc. But some people fear the meekest of dogs and don’t need to be scared every time they walk to the beach. You must keep your pet on a leash until you get to the beach, where supervised they can run free. Please bathe all pets in a flea bath before arriving. Please keep your pets off the furniture and pay careful attention to cleaning all pet friendly surfaces when you leave. Pet feces must be picked up from the yard by owner and buried or properly wrapped and thrown into garbage. If there is extraordinary pet hair, pet damage or pet droppings in the yard your security deposit may be kept. It is not appropriate to lock your dog in the cottage all day. Please take them with you when you leave the premises. Dogs tend to bark or whine when left alone in a new place and it is not considerate to other Lis Sur Mer vacationers. We are happy that you are able to have your pet with you on your vacation but if an animal is not properly managed and causes disruptions we consider it a breach of our understanding.

Last year an enthusiastic 4-legged visitor ripped up a very expensive newly planted lily field. PLEASE keep dogs on a leash unless you are running them on the beach. Dogs need to be restrained in your immediate area at all times. It is not fair to other visitors when they roam the property. The expense of hosting pets has caused our costs to escalate when it comes to cleaning/maintaining both the interior and the exterior of the cottages. To combat the problem, going forward, we have had to purchase numerous sets of furniture slipcovers for all chairs and couches. Our cleaning crew will now have to replace them weekly. (We have supplied them in the past as an option and asked that they be used but often to no avail). These covers have to be changed and washed weekly for all guests now as a result of pet related abuses. In addition we are providing doggie beds. Dogs are not allowed on the furniture or the beds. The dog beds also have sets of covers that need to be cleaned each week. For cat owners we will be supplying a scratching post and covered cat box. We have had to purchase very powerful HEPA vacuum cleaners as there are guests that have allergies to pet dander. All these changes require more time and coordination with the Saturday cleaning crew. Most pet owners are very responsible and take seriously the pet policy agreement. Unfortunately some people just ignore it. This year these costs are requiring us to raise the cost of bringing a pet to $100 per animal per week. This just covers cleaning and general maintenance cost; it doesn┬╣t cover the scratched doors, pawed floors and broken screens. If a pet breaks something mid week please let us know immediately so we can repair it in time for the next guest. If you agree to control your pet as requested and don’t you will be asked to board the animal or to leave with no compensation. We are proud to be one of the few pet friendly opportunities on the Cape. Consideration of the impact that your pet has on those around you will make everyone’s Lis Sur Mer stay the most wonderful of memories.
We wish to continue having our animal friends at Lis Sur Mer.


All cottages are equipped for normal housekeeping. Each unit includes a coffee pot and toaster with the basic kitchen equipment. All beds will have mattress pads, bedspreads, blankets, and pillows. Sheets and towels are provided. You will need to bring all paper products and condiments. There are basic cleaning supplies.

Check In/Out

Check in time is 4 p.m. on the beginning date of your reservation. No early check-ins! In order to allow sufficient time to prepare the property for your use, we ask that you not request early occupancy. Also PLEASE remember that the check-out is 10 am on the SAT of departure. There can be no exceptions to these times. The key will be on the door of your cottage when you arrive. Please do not forget to leave the key when you depart.

Check-Out Cleaning Requirements

We ask you to do a general clean-up prior to leaving. Please remember to dispose of all trash and recyclables into the allocated receptacles. This includes cleaning of the Charcoal Grill, emptying the ashes for safety. Failure to do so, may result in the loss of your security deposit. There is also a clause in the contract that states the cottage should be left in decent shape meaning that any extra time needed to clean, or disregard of house rules, may be deducted from your security deposit. Please make sure to use the check-list and leave it for housekeeping when you check out.


Cottages are equipped with telephones. Local calls may be made. Long distance calls are restricted so you must use a credit or phone card or call collect. Being on the water can cause occasional phone quirks. If you experience a problem call the contact number that you will find when you arrive.

We hope you enjoy your Lis Sur Mer experience.